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Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide each child with opportunities, through individual education programs and small group teaching, to maximise the development of mental and physical well being, positive responsible attitudes and skills for life long learning.

Our Values

At the commencement of 2023 we as a Centre committed to becoming a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) school. The PBS Committee (see Appendix A) in collaboration with the school community have decided to adopt CORE – Care, Organised, Respect and Engaged as our 4 values to guide behaviour. Whilst these values are the same as East Victoria Park Primary School, what they look like, sound like and feel like will be specified to our context in upcoming PBS Committee meetings when our Matrix is completed. The commitment of all members of the school community including students, staff, parents/carers will provide consistency in behaviour expectations and approach in teaching desired behaviours and deterring or replacing unproductive behaviours.