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English and Mathematics and the building of functional literacy and numeracy skills are prioritized at the Centre. Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is embedded across the curriculum to ensure that students can communicate their needs and engage in the learning activities presented to them. Some AAC tools and systems utilized include PODD books, PECS, ALS boards, AAC devices and apps and Key Word Sign. The Letters and Sounds Program is taught across the Centre to teach our students Phonics.

EVPESC delivers consistent approaches to the teaching and learning of fundamental numeracy and measurement skills which promotes a developmental approach towards maths throughout the centre. Students are given an opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge in everyday life. Staff have high expectations of all students, irrespective of ability, and encourage them to be successful and achieve their full potential. Without a solid foundation of number knowledge, students cannot expand into the various realms of mathematics. Acquiring these fundamental math skills, for example enables students to prepare them when counting items required for a specific task or telling the time.