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Mel Gray
SNEA/School Officer
EVPESC School Council Chair

Mel has been an Education Assistant for the past 14 years in both mainstream and Education support. At the age of 5 years old her son was diagnosed with ASD which gives her the experience and knowledge to support the families in our Centre. In 2015, Mel started a business making learning resources for children and worked as a support worker providing social skills and respite for families.

Lawson Dixon
EVPESC School Council Member

Lawson holds executive management positions with national sporting organisation Australian Sailing, and health promotion charity Black Dog Ride. He is also a non-executive director of disability service provider SensesWA and chairs SensesWA investment committee, managing $10m of assets. Lawson is proud father a Maggie, a student at the school.

Zerin Grech
EVPESC Deputy Principal
EVPESC School Council Secretary

Zerin is the Deputy Principal at EVPESC with a BA in early childhood education. Commenced working at the Centre in 2009 to coordinate a special needs music program and continued as the early childhood classroom teacher. Completed the Key Teacher in Autism program and supported students with recommended practise from SSEND. Developed as an aspirant leader through experience and training, which gave further opportunities to succeed and obtain leadership positions.

Wendy Cumming-Potvin (PhD)
Associate Professor and Director of Research
EVPESC School Council Member

Wendy is an Associate Professor and Research Director at Murdoch University’s School of Education. Beginning her career as a classroom teacher, Wendy has taught from pre-primary through to doctoral levels. Wendy is passionate about collaborating with key community stakeholders to create equitable learning environments. Both overseas and in Australia, her work has been published extensively in peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters and books.

Lizzie Shephande
Town of Victoria Park Inclusion Officer
EVPESC School Council Member

Lizzie is the Inclusion Officer for the Town of Victoria Park. Lizzie has been a major contributor to the Town’s Access and Inclusion Plan and launch. Lizzie is currently on maternity leave.

Meagan Polain
Senior Speech Therapist Therapy Focus
EVPESC School Council Member

Meagan has been a Vic Park local for over 20 years, recently moving to the Perth Hills. Meagan remains linked to the community in her role as a speech pathologist, where she works with students in local primary and secondary schools. Meagan is passionate about working in collaboration with schools so that students can reach their goals, with a special interest in supporting neurodivergent students.

Christina Maunick-Sallie
EVPESC Principal
EVPESC School Council Member

Christina began her tenure as the Principal of EVPESC in Term 1 2022. Christina’s experience in education spans over 20 years with experience in mainstream, tertiary and education support. Christina holds a Masters Degree specialising in Special Needs. Her dedication lies in making a positive impact on the lives of the students at the Centre.

Amina Ahmed
EVPESC Parent & NDIS Provider
EVPESC School Council Member

Roger Bishop
EVPESC School Council Member

Kim Delroy
EVPESC School Council Member

Aisha Mohamed
Psychotherapist and Teacher
EVPESC School Council Member